We are thrilled to announce the shortlist for our 2014 Unpublished Manuscript Award for a Picture Book! The following entrants have shortlisted for Australian Manuscript, International Manuscript and Australian Illustration...

Australian Manuscript Section SHORTLIST

The Bad Bruise by Darrelle Spenceley
The Biggest and Best Birthday Ever by Cynthia Hyde
Boof Goes to Beauty School by Caroline Tuohey
The Cheese Wizard by Ben Kitchin
Essie the Hen by Kaye Baillie
Harold the Storytime Couch by Carrie Gallasch
Spaghetti! by Shannon Wong-Nizic 
What a Cheeky Pair! by Maura Finn

International Manuscript Section SHORTLIST

Cameron the Tamarin by Jon Blauvelt
Connor's Bunny by Elizabeth Cockle
The Lost Button by Katrina Ward
Pink Stinks by Leslie McCrary
Princess Sausage Roll by Swapna Haddow

Australian Illustration Section SHORTLIST

Ahoy by Alarna Zinn
An Introduction by Kelly McBrady
Architecture by Helene Magisson
Chook by Vicky Pratt
Cosette by Helene Magisson
Giant Revealed by Timothy Wallis
Crazy Cat Lady by Alarna Zinn
The Elves and the Shoemaker by Helene Magisson
Energetic Jack Russell by Karlee Bertola
Fresh Beats by Linda Judge
Illustrator by Alarna Zinn
Jambo and the Strange Thing by Christine Bruderlin
Little Red Riding Hood by Nicky Johnston
The Lolly Machine by Aura Parker
The Monkhouse Family by Emma Rickards
Sofia Didn't Like Interruptions by Megan Herbert
To My Mother by Jess Racklyeft
Tree by Jason Philp
Tug of War by Kate Bouman
The Way of the Taiginonami by Kate Durack


Winners will be announced 
on Monday 23 June

Good luck!

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